We are a charitable organization and working for society at large especially in the field of information Technology and management. It is the collective effort of the experienced faculty, professionals and management that the SITM has been able to sustain its prestigious image since its childhood. With the cooperation of dedicated people, social workers, volunteers we are able to extend our services to the needy student who has keenly needed a professional quality in him.

SITM is a premiere national institute of educational technology. Its major aim is to promote utilization of educational technologies viz. radio, TV, films, Satellite communications and cyber media either separately or in combinations. The institute undertakes activities to widen educational opportunities promote equity and improve quality of educational processes at school level. SITM is non commercial organization engaged in the work of social welfare. Started with a mission to provide better health service and spread literacy to all class of people. Since formation the organization is oath to be continuously engaged in the welfare of the neglected class of people especially the children.
SITM Trust Accredited IAO-USA (International Accreditation Organization) USA-  IAO is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, IAO grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.

Super Institute of Technology and Management Trust Registered under Rajasthan Govt. Trust Act 1959 (Registration No.:358/Jaipur/2012) and Indian Trust Act 1882 Govt. of India & MSME-SSI (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) Reg. No. 080122109792

SITM has been supported by number of organization. Considering the importance of information technology it has taken the project of spreading computer literacy to every nook and corner of the country for those people who are not able to gain this vital technical knowledge mainly due to the highly unaffordable charges laid on them for learning computer by the various private institutions. The project is spreading successfully to all parts of the country under the project name Sarva Computer Saksharta Mission. The main object of SITM is to establish a global family, which not only involves in education & commercial activities but to work for the development of the society also. The organization provides employment opportunities along with the best quality of education and career consultation. All the chairperson, managers, officers, students are not the part of the SITM for any limited duration but remain associated with the SITM throughout their life.

SITM is providing free education to the physically handicapped students and at very nominal charges to other students. It has its students from the urban to rural areas with their own unique needs and so courses from basic to highly advanced training. SITM is offering unique opportunities and advantages to its authorized training centers so as to develop fast and strongly integrate itself. The organization is not only connected with them through computer education & centers but along with it the organization is having regular & direct approach to its every member. No matter the distance or the position than but to be connected with member or family and provide them every possible support is the main quality of the organization. SITM is the working in the direction of distribute award for the outstanding performance in the field of Arts, Ayurveda, Commercial Management, Education, Medical Science, Social work and sports on all India basis. The SITM after the completion of the course provides certificates to all the students which help them get jobs and hence helps them for better future. SITM has set the strategy to provide at least one institute in each city, town or village. In this direction is certain to establish its network to more than 150 centers by the year 2014

Today country (India) is developing day by day very rapidly, which requires a lot “Man Power” as well as the asset and strength of the country & the business organizations like education & Training, Man Power Development etc. are most lucrative one .In today’s age information Technology, Management, Technical Education related industries are up grading & growing over 35% every year. The Computers are playing the vital role in today’s world which relates not only organizational work scenario, but also in the homes and small offices too. Within to fulfill this aggregate requirements day by day companies & big organization requiring very large man power to fulfill & the institutes or educational engineering schools are even not capable to fulfill the requirements as well as the demand.

SITM Quality Depends on Our 6 Topic.
1. SITM Comments . 
2. SITM Continuous
3. SITM Trust
4. SITM Time value 
5. SITM New 
6. SITM Update


To Train The Brains And Make Super Brains In Information Technology.


Our vision of our institute is to be the national pioneer and leader in various aspects of the professional improvement and advancement in educational communication and technology, grounded in theory, in research, in practice and in code of ethics, providing solutions by utilizing the innovations, research combined with design, building and managing the resource centre of quality educational media software and integration of technology and pedagogy. Our vision is to elevate the mankind, to future Technology.

Our Culture

SITM Education unique culture is often praised by students, partners and employees. It is a culture of learning, team building and exceeding expectations. Our culture fosters an employee work environment that allows for success. Outstanding achievement is to be recognized and rewarded, open communication is always encouraged and career growth is expected. With SITM Education, you can be sure of receiving training that significantly increases your understanding retention and ability to apply new knowledge and skills to maximum effect. What’s more, we are so confident in our ability to deliver reliable, effective training that unless you feel 100% satisfied that SITM Education delivered even more than you expected, there is no fee for your course attendance.