SITM EDUCATION CENTER settles down well within just one year of its inception in India. It gives me immense pride to see all of my students growing intellectually, physically, culturally, aesthetically, spiritually and professionally. The achievements of our students are not only in terms of what they earn but also of how they are being able to apply them in the social scenario. Information Technology has become a fastest growing Industry in today’s scenario which is providing thousands of job to well trained professionals. India has achieved a terrific growth in this field and is being considered as a Super Power in the world. Information Technology is providing the upcoming future that will change every face of Human existence. In order to produce Information Technology Professionals, IT education requires a good infrastructure and high quality competence.

SITM believes with due care of every child discovers multiple sparks hidden in him/her. Conscious efforts of SITM each one of them to achieve their potentials beyond conventional academics success. We aim to positively influence the lives of these young ones so profoundly that they will never forget the experience of being a student at SITM. To actualize the vision of SITM for the quintessential transformation of our children, I expect the parents to play a provocative role and strengthen the educational endeavors of the SITM.

Sitm education – Multidisciplinary manpower generation through distance education, public education, dissemination of information, home training programs for children with communication disorders and their parents, and empowerment of mothers / caregivers, through both electronic and print media are other goals to achieve in the forthcoming years.

The service offered by the sitm education institute in the area of manpower generation and clinical care have been appreciated by the people of this great country. Help us to achieve more with your suggestions after going through these electronic pages. A special request to the Alumni of the institute to participate in the growth of their sitm education

We aspire to become a leading center of excellence for education, management studies, and training in technical fields. Our objective is to make the students grow and to get rapid progress in their careers through Purposeful and professional education.

i thinks that education change by  thinks & thinks change country

Thanks & Regards,

Mr. Ravi Kumar Sharma