SITM Terms & Conditions for all sitm franchises . 

1. Terms for  student .

1 . Student come properly in institute.

2. After registration student fee not refundable any condition.

3. After complete courses student compulsory exam process in study center.

4. If without information student note come within 5 days than may be cancel him admission by study center.

5. After complete  exam. than issue him all certificate & mark sheet .

6. If not verification student certificate on the  sitm web portal than contact direct study center. otherwise its total duplicate & fake. than sitm education not responsible it.

2. Terms for  study center .

1. Study center send properly student records per month.

2. Study center provide all kit for the student time to time.

3. If study center wants print him center name on the bag than he send minimum 50 student records.

4. If study center not send any type student records within 6 month than sitm send him 1 notice him proper works.

5. sitm provide Bag, Book, ID, Pen only general courses (3 month duration) other courses sitm provide only bag , 1 book, certificate, mark sheet.

6. After complete certificate any correction  than study center give extra charge .

7. All type courier charge accept by sitm trust.

8. After complete approval study center compulsory student form & its chargeable.

9. Franchises  approval verification time within 5 to 7 days .

10. new or already running study center send all type amount sitm name DD, or sitm account only .